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”Giving small sauce a name is our game!” 


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2021 DEUS ZAUCE AWARDS INFO (Last Year's Awards):


Are you tired of spending time, money, and effort entering your small batch hot sauce into hot sauce competitions and award shows dominated by larger more established sauces? If so, this is the competition for you! For only $50, you can enter any one of your sauces in ANY NUMBER OF CATEGORIES. No paying for each and every shot at becoming an award winning sauce! With our competition you can have a real shot to win. All first place winners will receive a custom 1st place medal and be included into the "Sauce It To Me" variety or subscription packs (may exclude best artwork category). And the overall 1st place winner will receive a custom trophy, two (2) cases of sauce bought by "Sauce It To Me" and reimbursement for their entrance fees (up to a $50)!


Sponsors of the 2021 Deus Zauce Awards:





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Click Here to view Competition Fees & Payment Page  


General Competition Rules, Guidelines, and Dates:

For the price of $50 USD, a contestant can enter one (1) sauce into any and all of the categories below:

  1. Best "Mild", Hot Sauce
  2. Best “Hot” Hot Sauce
  3. Best “Super-Hot” Hot Sauce
  4. Best “Smokey” Hot Sauce
  5. Best “Dessert” Hot Sauce
  6. Best Label Artwork and Design

Contestants can enter multiple sauces, at the price of $25 per additional sauce.

For each sauce entered, the contestant will need to include three (3) bottles of sauce for the judges.


The categories listed above, are defined below:

Mild: Think Jalapeno sauces, cayenne pepper sauces, and sauces that are more flavorful than hot.

               Scoville Range, from around 0 – 15,000 SHU


Hot: Think Habanero, pepper blends, or anything without “super-hot” peppers (small amounts okay).

               Scoville Range, from around 20,000 – 150,000 SHU


Super-Hot: Think Ghost Peppers, Carolina Reapers, Scorpion Peppers, or any other super-hot blends.

               Scoville Range, from around 200,000 – 1,000,000+ SHU


Smokey: Think sauces with roasted peppers, chipotle peppers, and other smoky flavors.

               Scoville Range, N/A


Dessert: Think fruit blends (i.e. blueberry & scorpions), anything with a sweet forward flavor.

               Scoville Range, N/A


Label Artwork and Design: This category is based on brand creativity, label quality, and artwork.

               Scoville Range, N/A


Competition Structure & Judging:

There will be three (3) judges for this event. This allows for us to keep the competition prices as cheap as possible for small businesses and sauce makers.

Judges may remain anonymous to avoid harassment. This is common practice for most competitions.

For categories 1-5, judges will use their expertise to follow a score sheet, rating each sauce based on the following criteria:

  1. Color
  2. Smell
  3. Flavor
  4. Consistency
  5. Accuracy to Category

Each criteria will be weighted for importance, with #5 and #3 being weighted the heaviest.

For category 6 (Label Artwork and Design), judges will use their expertise to follow a score sheet, rating the label on the following criteria:

  1. Creativity of sauce name
  2. Creativity and quality of artwork
  3. Layout and design of label
  4. Readability of ingredients, nutrition facts, and other features.

Each criteria will be weighted for importance with #4 being weighted the heaviest, followed by #2, and #3.


Who will be the Judges?


1) Dustin AKA "The Atomic Menace!"
World Champion Pepper Eater and Hot Sauce Reviewer. An up and coming star in the world of hot sauce with tons of challenges under his belt and a gut made of IRON!!


2) Roger AKA "The HOT DANG SHOW!"




With over 100k subscribers on YouTube and millions of views on his videos Roger has made a name for himself on YouTube doing sauce reviews and spicy challenges!


3) Brian Ambs!




With nearly 150k subscribers on YouTube and 10s of millions of views on his videos Brian has tried countless sauces, spicy foods, and much more!


So why them? Our thoughts with this selection was to choose the best and the biggest of the chili eating and hot sauce world! We hope that these big name judges will bring those who enter the DEUS ZAUCE AWARDS the recognition they deserve!


Competition Prizes and Awards:

1st Place / Overall Winner:

The sauce with the most overall points throughout all of the categories will receive a total of four (4) unique prizes!

  1. Entry fee refund for that sauce (up to $50)
  2. Custom engraved "Deus Zauce Awards" trophy.
  3. Agreement from “Sauce It To Me“ to buy two (2) cases of your sauce
  4. A one of a kind leather holster from

Category Winners:

1st Place -  Will receive custom medal, and inclusion into “Sauce It To
Me” variety or subscription packs (may exclude best artwork).

2nd & 3rd Place - Will receive official Deus Zauce Awards certificate for their place in that category


How will the winners be announced?

A livestream will take place on the Wacky Sauces LLC YouTube page on August 10th, 2021, exact time TBA.

Click here to be linked to the Wacky Sauces LLC YouTube Channel

(This date is subject to change, and may be pushed back due to competition deadline changes.)


Competition Deadlines:

The current deadline for all payments to be made, paperwork to be submitted, and bottles of sauce to be shipped is: June 9th, 2021


Who is eligible for this competition?

Any small to medium batch hot sauce brand or company from anywhere in the world! 

However your bottle must have the following:

  1. Ingredients List (This is pretty straightforward, just list ingredients)
  2. If applicable, any allergen warnings deemed necessary by the FDA (i.e. peanut or shellfish warnings)
  3. Safe pH levels (Around 3.4 is best, but must be below 4)
  4. Ideally you should also have a Nutrition Label ( is a great source for this)

We know we don't have to say this to 99% of of you, but make sure you cook it in a safe, clean, sanitized kitchen environment, following all food safety regulations laid out by the FDA.

(i.e. We will not be accepting unlabeled, poorly packaged sauces)

If you need help or clarification with any of this, just send an email to and we will do our best to assist you.

Note: For contestants outside of the U.S. you will be required to pay any shipping costs on any awards you receive, or you may choose to receive a digital certificate instead.


How to enter the competition?

To enter for your chance to win simply:

  1. Checkout in our secure online store with the item link below, selecting the number of different sauces you wish to enter. (Full refund available at any time before submission deadline).

  2. Be sure to keep track and save a copy of your order number and receipt. (This will be important when filling out the Signup Form).

  3. Click on "Download Signup Form" below and fill out the Signup Form with the information required, including your order number.  (This allows us to cross reference and verify the number of sauces and names of the sauces you are entering)

  4. Send your completed signup form to or include it with the three (3) bottles of sauce, per sauce you have entered in the competition, to Wacky Sauces LLC, P.O. Box 358701, Gainesville FL, 32635. (The bottles of sauce will be sent to our judges, and the Signup Form will be kept by us to ensure your entrance into the competition).

So what are you waiting for my small sauce Bröthers? Purchase your entrance into the Official 2021 "Deus Zauce Awards" and fill out the form below to get the chance at making YOUR sauce an award winning one!


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Click Here to view Competition Fees & Payment Page  


How to stay updated?

 Any updates will be posted on the Official "Deus Zauce Awards" Instagram page (@DeusZauce)

Click here to be linked to the Official "Deus Zauce Awards" Instagram Page


(Please send an email to with any questions or issues you encounter)


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