F@*king Hot Sauce 2.0

F@*king Hot Sauce 2.0

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From the depths of hell comes a new sauce to fire up your insides. Be ready, because the NEW F@*king Hot Sauce is gonna rock your world!

Why are we selling Pre-Orders?

Unfortunately we experienced a price surge with our supplier and the only way to get sauce to everyone is to presale a total of 32 cases of our hot sauce. 

Don't miss your chance to try F@*king Hot Sauce 2.0 & Preorder TODAY!

What's the Flavor Profile?

With the heat of Carolina Reaper Mash & Ghost Pepper Powder, this sauce does NOT play around. But with the flavor of Smokey Habanero peppers, sweet Molasses, lime juice, and other spices, this sauce really hits the mark. It may be F@*king Hot, but its also F@*king Good!

Pre-Order now to reserve your spot in the 1st Batch of our NEW Sauce!