Some people are probably thinking that this is just some zany joke. Haha very funny right? You simply don’t understand the gravity of this situation if you think like this.

Rest assured it will all be explained in due time. Each and every one of you reading this have proven you have the skills so far to take this to the end. Reading this you may think, but what is the point of it? Soon this will all be very clear to each and every one who follows the breadcrumbs. Questions may arise as to whether it’s truly worth it to continue. Quests as big as this one however, are better to be seen through to the end. Very few will make it to the big reveal. Certain devoted individuals will understand that it’s worth it to keep at it.

If you choose to continue down this path, know that you do so at your own risk. My fear is that you will not take the risk.

Perhaps I am simply too pessimistic. I tend to be that way from time to time. Otherwise, who would be there to reign the company in? Too many people have tried and failed. Out of the blue they disappear. Perhaps you’ll be the one to find their secrets. I sure hope so.